We have released the DNAGedcom Client for Windows
Windows: https://www.dnagedcom.com/App3/DNAGedcomInstaller.msi
Mac: (In Development)

New Features:

  • Added ability to see the ID available for Ancestry for use in GMP and other tools that need it.
  • Changed "Web Server" to Genetic.Family Bridge on Settings Page to more accurately explain it's purpose.
    • Genetic.Family Bridge is needed to allow you to save Tags for use with the Genetic.Family Extension
  • Added ability to "Remember Me" for logging into different sites.
  • Sorted Ancestry Profile drop down by name.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where backend files needed for CLM HTML file are not available.
  • Improved processing of 23andMe ICW program
  • Future Upgraded Applications should remember your settings.

Known Issues:

  • My Heritage still doesn't work.  Will be updating it soon.
  • MacOS version currently in progress to implement Settings saving.
  • FTDNA does not work for CLM3D