We have released DNAGedcom Client for Windows
Windows: https://www.dnagedcom.com/App3/DNAGedcomInstaller.msi
Mac: https://www.dnagedcom.com/App3/DNAGedcomInstaller.pkg

New Features:

  • Moved to new DNAGedcom Graphics and Icon
  • 23andMe is now supported for CLM
  • Mac version opens in Window, not full screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved processing of 23andMe Gather
  • Fixed bug in version with Genetic.Family Bridge.  Be sure to grab version after Monday 10:00 AM

Known Issues:

  • My Heritage does not currently work.  Will be updating it soon.
  • MacOS version saves Password in clear text.  
  • MacOS version Genetic.Family Bridge is not working (working on fix)