DNAGedcom Client 3.0.4 Build 3 for Windows has been released to Beta
Windows: Beta
Mac: Building

New Features:

  • Added My Heritage loader.  Currently in Beta
  • Added ability to Load My Heritage files to speed up initial load.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Genesis to use email address if name isn't available.
  • Fixed 23andMe to use user initials if name isn't available.
  • Added to Ancestry login an ability to ignore the bad HTTP headers they are sending back

Known Issues:

  • My Heritage is SLOW!  There is nothing we can do on our end.  My Heritage added a feature where if you go to fast, they will fail immediately.  
  • Genesis does not gather ALL Chromosome or Shared matches information yet.  We are working on adding additional features to gather that.
  • MacOS version Genetic.Family Bridge is not working